General Physical Education Rubric




Needs Improvement


Always has sneakers and comfortable athletic clothing.

Always does the warm-up and waits quietly for instruction in the class circle.


Treats all classmates with respect. Includes them in game-play and helps/encourages them to understand a concept or skill. Shares equipment appropriately.


Participates in any physical education activity even if it is outside their immediate interest and they do so in a safe manner.



Helps the teacher in classroom set-up and collection/distribution of equipment.


Never has to be reminded of instructions, classroom rules or appropriate behavior.


Always has sneakers.



Completes the warm up.




Works well with all students in the classroom, but does not help encourage classmates or help them to understand aspects of the skill they are practicing.



Will participate in all activities, but only likes to play certain games that they are interested in and they do so in a safe manner.


Occasionally helps the teacher in classroom set-up and collection of equipment.



Rarely has to be reminded of instruction, classroom rules and appropriate behavior.

Has sneakers most of the time.


 Does some of the warm-up, but doesn’t always promptly sit in the correct place.



Has problems working with a few students in class.






“Competent bystander”

Tries to make it look like they are participation by walking up and down the playing surface while interacting with classmates.


Needs to be asked to help the class assist in set-up and collection of equipment.



Needs to be reminded often of basic classroom rules, instructions and appropriate behavior.

Needs reminders to bring appropriate footwear often.

Needs to be reminded to do the warm-up everyday.




Does not work well with many students in class and does not appropriately share equipment.





Does not put forth any effort in participation in class activities.





Does not assist the teacher or students in set-up or collection of equipment



On a daily basis needs frequent reminders of what is appropriate and what is not.