Mission Statement

The Mission of Physical Education in the Fowler School is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity.

The focus of Physical Education lessons is to educate as well as empower all students, as independent learners, to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as one of the cornerstones for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

The Fowler School District Physical Education curriculum is a sequential program of age appropriate units and lessons. Each activity is designed to prepare, through participation, all students to know and understand the life-long benefits of health enhancing activity.

Classes are undertaken in an active, caring, supportive and non-threatening atmosphere in which every student is challenged to grow. In addition, intra-class drills, activities and games are designed to maximize success for both individuals and groups. Every student, regardless of ability or ability level, is provided with a learning environment that is modified, when necessary, to allow for maximum participation.